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Our advantages

You will feel completely calm, contacting «United Detective Bureau»

Guaranteed to get what interests you in a period of 24 hours

Information provided 100% true

Eliminated possibility of leakage of confidential data or receipt by third parties.

We will solve your problem, even if it didn’t work with law enforcement structures

All ODB employees have been seriously selected and are acting as delicately as possible.

You will receive clear recommendations for dealing with difficult situations

Why us?

Why 10 out of 10 customers contact us again

  • Provision of services in terms of absolute confidentiality
  • Getting a report on each stage of work
  • The ability to check the source of information
  • ODB closely collaborates with employees of various security agencies
  • Physical presence in more than% the number of% of the world
  • Prompt selection of the most qualified employee, depending on the direction
  • Call for help at any time of the day , with a guarantee of its receipt
  • Solving issues with law enforcement and other structures
  • Getting qualified recommendations in difficult technical situations
  • Order execution remotely
  • Continuing education by participating in annual conferences dedicated to advanced ways to collect information

Head "ODB"

Matushkin Andrey Nikolaevich

President of NP "International Association of Detectives"

Every detective of our bureau treats your problems in the most delicate and carefully. Anonymity guaranteed

Experienced team

Under the leadership of Andrei Nikolaevich for you a team of experienced detectives will work

We are in the media

Video: Andrey Nikolaevich Matushkin in the program "Man and Law"

Certificates and licenses

The professionalism of the company's employees is confirmed by certificates and licenses.

Contact us

You can additionally receive advice on legal issues and personal safety.