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Search for places of production and sale of counterfeit products

The production of counterfeit products causes significant damage to both copyright owners and producers of originals. The variety of basement productions affects not only the income of copyright holders, but also their reputation, generating a lot of negative reviews about the brand or trademark. Independently to understand chains of sale of fakes and to find o ut producers not simply difficult, but also very risky.

The joint Detective Bureau will find places of production and sale of counterfeit products. Experienced c ommercial crime specialists:

- They will analyze the market and identify places of regular sale of counterfeit goods.

- Will make control purchases and will compare with the original. As a result, the client will have an expert opinion on the non-conformity of this product to the trademark declared on the package.

- In cooperation with law enforcement and customs authorities, detectives will calculate t he delivery routes and routes of movement of counterfeit goods in Russia and abroad.

- Based on the results of the analysis of the logistics of counterfeits, it is possibl e to calculate the main places of production and warehousing of goods, as well as to determine the specific organizers of production.

- Experienced lawyers will help to collect and systematize the data and make a claim to the court.

Our task is to bring to administrative and criminal responsibility those persons who illegally use the achievements and developments of people, simultaneously causing them material, moral and reputational harm.