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Car GPS Tracker Equipment

As a rule, the most important desire of all car owners is the safety of his iron horse. At any time of the day to know where the car-a priority. And this applies not only to the case of theft or other illegal actions, but also, for example, the need to establish the routes of movement of the wife or husband, business partner, driver.

GPS tracking system (tracking) today has moved far forward and allows you to track the location of the tracker in real time directly from the screen of your smartphone or tablet. Modern GPS-monitoring systems allow you to get all t he necessary information online, for example about opening doors, turning on the car, moving it in space, even draini ng fuel by the driver. And this is not the whole list of information. You will always be aware of the fuel level in the tank, mileage, up to the moments of braking and acceleration, the presence of passengers in the cabin.

Our technical specialists detective Bureau secretly installed and dismantled if necessary, and the tracker on the car at your request, then you will be able to track the movement of your vehicle / person in real time.