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Children's lifestyle check

Often the detective is asked to study the child's lifestyle: how he spends his free time, goes to school or holed up in a computer club or, maybe even worse, got involved with bad company. In this case, the detective looks after the child at school, at the disco, secretly accompanies him everywhere, finds out the circle of his friends and how much they can be trusted. This means only on e thing, that parents not mismanaging with their responsibilities or simply children a new generation NEXT almost unmanageable.

Transitional age, lack of parental attention leads to the fact that children run away from home. In Russia, mo re than 50 thousand children disappear every year.

- 30% run because of stepfathers

- 18% mow from study

- 12% due to difficult relationships with ancestors.

Of course, it is an unpleasant occupation to hunt around the city for crazy kids, but work is work.

It happened that the surveillance was delayed for several months. The richer the parents, the more difficult it is to monitor their children, as they often interfere in the process and dictate what to do.

In this regard, a legitimate question arises: is not surveillance of a child a violation of the rights of his personality? We answer that the collection of information about offenses is not a violation of privacy.