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Service investigations

When internal investigations are needed

There are a lot of reasons when internal investigations need to be taken, for example, when a compnay does not have its own security service or when it cannot be used in this work because of workload, distrust and etc. In such cases a company looks for a special detective agency whis is independent and disinterested, to get confidential and objective information and to conduct an internal investigation.

A detective agency organizes an internal investigation regarding an employee on its own. It identifies viol ation of business processes and its harm, excludes further harm. All this helps to save a company reputation.

If an employee gets to a car accident, our detective agensy will investigate a case with the help of traffic police. Moreover, our workers will conduct their own investigation including working with witnesses, searching f or video recording of an accident, etc.

f there is an unforseen fall in demand of company products or a lack of customers and their application, signs of industrial espionage, stealing of personal things of employees, violation of document management, the administration asks for an internal investigation.

How do detectives conduct internal investigations

The above-mentioned cases and situations are accidents, and it is extremely important to get useful information and data as soon as possible. If needed there can be different check-ups including audit and other types. Moreover, there can be inventory control, ques tioning of employees and other interventions.

The detective agency conduct all the necessary interventions in a close contact with all the company units and human resources.

The steps to be taken

The investigation process consists of:

- Identifying the factors which influence on the accident (events, negligence of employess and their malice, etc.)

- Definition of motives.

- Assessment of damage which was made to a company.

- Measures to be taken in order to avoid the same situations in the future.

Internal investigations are always conducted in accordance with the law and legal and regulatory instruments including a company internal regulations.

It is also important to understand the proportion of the expenses on ivestiogation and the real harm which a company got.