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Working with archives in Russia (genealogy)

Not everyone was lucky to grow up in their own family — someone was brought up in an orphanage, someone was lucky more — they were taken into a foster family. But almost every one of these children wanted to know the truth about their biological parents. It is not uncommon to lose contact with distant, and sometimes with close relatives, and even in the age of the Internet and social networks to find a particular person on their own is almost impossible. In such cases, come to the aid of the staff of the joint Detective Bureau.

Working with archives: search features

People search is one of the services provided by our organization. Yes, experts recognize that finding biological parents or relatives is not an easy task and in this case a professional approach is needed. The specialist will have to work seriously with archives and documents in maternity hospitals, orphanages, registry Offices. It may even be necessary to make requests to foreign archives — all this is done by our staff.

To start work on the search you will need only the information that you own. After that, experts will develop a strategy to search for information about the person. It is difficult to say about the duration of the search, it is even more difficult to make specific promises, so experts do not encourage customers — the result of searches is difficult to predict. But one thing to doubt exactly is not necessary-all the information received during the investigation will be confidential, which means you can safely trust the professionals.