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Checking cars for the presence of bugs

Listening devices are a fairly inexpensive commodity, and the benefits of the information can be enormous. To find bugs in the car you need a very expensive technique, and to handle it is not so easy.

How to detect wiretapping in the car?

Listening devices in cars are basically quite small and easily hide in the cabin imitating any parts of the vehicle. Thus, it is almost impossible to detect them without any special devices. The search can be accompanied by various difficulties. For example, to identify semiconductors in the premises, you need to use a nonlinear locator. In the car, quite a lot of such elements and find bugs becomes a real problem. Detection of electromagnetic fields is also a very difficult task, because the interior of the car is one continuous electromagnetic field.

Given all the nuances, checking the car for wiretapping involves the analysis of radio frequencies. In this case, the activity of the transmitters is recorded. Sometimes it is possible to detect this activity only in operation mode, that is, at the time of recording and data transmission. It is noteworthy that some devices are activated when moving, others-by voice.

The cost of checking the car for bugs

The price for this service is strictly individual. The cost depends on several factors-the amount of work, the wishes of the client and the level of complexity. One of the most interesting offers is a subscription service. Your auto park will be regularly checked for listening devices. The service includes-a thorough visual inspection, detection of bugs by special equipment and their elimination, a report on the work performed.

And remember, protection from listening in the car can be needed not only for businessmen and heads of large enterprises, but also for any ordinary person. To install bugs in your car maybe a jealous husband or wife, boss or the one who wants you to «annoy». If you have doubts, and it seems that you are being watched in this way, contact the professionals.