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You do not know how trustworthy the new counterparty is, which creates doubts and slows down decision-making?


Do you doubt the solvency of the future partner


The reputation of the counterparty does not inspire confidence


Do you suspect the threat of liquidation or bankruptcy

The staff of the "ODB" will collect for you a detailed dossier on the company or an individual in a period of 24 hours

Order No. 138 dated 02.07.2019 " to check the activities of LLC "XXX"

02.07.2019 at 11: 30 the order for reliability check of LLC XXX arrived. The customer was faced with the choice of the counterparty.


The company " XXX " offered more favorable conditions. But this was a new organization and information on it was not enough to make a decision.


Data validation

We checked the registration data and got all the information about the founders, Bank accounts, key employees.

3 hours


Verification of conformity of activities

Established compliance with the declared activity on the example of cooperation with other companies.

3 hours


Judicial review

We checked the company's participation in court proceedings, claims for bankruptcy or the threat of liquidation.

2 hours


Full details of the company

Found all of the counterparties. We received data on the company's turnover. Identified affiliations and beneficial owners. Traced the sources of possible negativity on the owner and founders.

3 days

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