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Debt collection

As a rule, the return of money debts from legal entities occurs according to the classical scheme. The mission of the analytical part of the Agency — to study the psychosomatic person who owes the client a certain amount. When concerns and shortcomings are identified. On the basis of the received information the effective tactics of influence is made. Debt sales and other collection services are provided solely on a legal basis. Competent psychological impact is the main method of working with debtors.

Our lawyers are highly qualified specialists not only in matters of law, but also in psychology. That is why they are fully adhering to all the norms of the legislation, observing absolutely all the rights of legal entities and citizens, acting exclusively within the framework of the Criminal Code.

For debt collection, additional investigation is carried out. Because of the reluctance to pay money, problem debtors hide their property or officially declare bankruptcy. But, you can really find leverage in the craftiest criminal, which will eventually lead to repayment of borrowed funds. If the collection Agency refuses to solve your problem, the detective Agency can provide the necessary support. Sometimes debt transfer is the best option.

For us, even the most complex debts are not a problem, debt collection takes place on a receipt. If the borrower tried to escape, we will find him and apply all legal methods to return your finances. Debt sale, identical to transfer and factoring, is the most popular debt repurchase service. The assignment of debt allows you to quickly get working capital and reduce the cost of debt service.

Debt collection services are provided officially. In some cases, it is enough for lawyers to pay a visit to the payer and explain the legal consequences of the situation. Competent representation is often the decisive factor that obliges the borrower to voluntarily sign an agreement on debt restructuring or sell debts. Support and assistance regarding the return of money debts from individuals from our Bureau-it is always very fast, easy and convenient!