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Polygraph test

Our detective Bureau provides a polygraph test for all interested parties. Over the past few years, this service has become popular when hiring, as well as in the implementation of various kinds of investigations. Checking employees and staff on a polygraph allows you to identify and prevent threats to business, identify people who are dishonestly related to the case, or justify the suspect by returning a trust relationship.

As practice shows, the main value of any company is competently selected and trained personnel. From the moment of employment to the fact of dismissal, it is necessary to monitor the state of mental comfort of subordinates and assess the risks on the part of each employee. Regular polygraph test when hiring allows you to solve the problem of losses, theft and loss of reputation.

Polygraph test for individuals.

The service of checking the veracity of words on special equipment has become commonplace, including for individuals. Passing the detector is a great alternative to going to psychologi cal training. Often this technique is used to resolve issues between husband and wife, as wel l as for the truthfulness of the words of children and relatives. In addition, a polygraph t est for treason allows you to identify in time an unfair attitude in a married couple and ma ke a decision about further life together. Often this service is ordered to identify scammers who get into the house in the form of staff for maintenance.

A polygraph test is a chance to get the truthful information that will be needed to m ake a fateful decision. However, please note that the detector is only a tool, not a life- saving panacea. Such it becomes only in the hands of a professional specialist, in a set o f measures to identify lies. That is why it is important to immediately decide on a reliab le and responsible detective Bureau, where you can pass the test and get a reliable result. Our specialist has enough experience and relevant certificates, which guarantees the receipt of truthful data, as well as the solution of your question in the shortest possible time and at an affordable price.