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Enforcement of court decisions

As the practice shows, defendants sometimes ignore the judgment of the court on the payment of debts, do not have enough money to pay o r strip assets and declare bankruptcy. In such cases people alwats need qualified assistance.

Our detective agency solves such problems in an integrated manner.

- Our detectives collect and analyze all the information which may confirm the avoidance of debt repayment.

- Lawyers conduct bankruptcy proceedings and dispute illegal financial transactions which were made in order to cover up money.

Thanks to this effective and tested approach our detective agency is able to defend our clients' legitimate interests in the shortest possible time.

For non-execution of regulations and other judicial acts juridical persons and functionaries are brought to justice in order to the article 315 of the Penal Code. It includes punishments such as 2 years of imprisonment and prohibition of activity maximum for 5 years.

Sometimes opponents of our clients to pay off their debt in order to avoid responsibility when they learn about the process which was started against them. If the situation was not solved this way, we prepare all the necessary documents including evidence to start criminal prosecution.

We work in close collaboration with marshals, solve the most difficult fraud schemes and achieve compensation of material damage.

If you got to such situation it is necessary to start solving it as soon as possible. Defend your rights and interests! Call to our company for help! Our professional team is ready to make every effort to bring justice and enforce decisions.