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Checking rooms for wiretapping

At the present time, the competitors are successful politicians and businessmen often use i s not the most honest and even illegal methods of obtaining information about his opponent. In order to control the «opponent», secretly installed various listening devices (in simple words, «bugs»). Such methods are used not only by business compet itors, but also by various kinds of intelligence services, fraudsters, people who sho w an unhealthy interest in the private life of media personalities and even spouses who suspect their second half of infidelity.

Modern listening devices are so high-tech that cope with their search is not always able to even qualified security personnel . To guarantee the confidentiality of personal life and avoid leakage of important information, it is advisable to contact a th ird-party Agency with experience in finding «bugs» and specializing in this direction.

The joint Detective Bureau offers its services regarding wiretap inspections of premises with the guarantee of absolute anonymity and as soon as possible. Our experts quickly find and eliminate the channels of information leakage in your home, office, at work.

Check on the wiretap: interesting moments

The search for modern listening devices is not just a thorough visual inspection. There is a whole range of measures that require specialized equipment. Checking the premises for «bugs» is complicated by the fact that these devices are constantly upgraded. In place of the traditional acoustic and telephone «bug» comes more complex infrared, network and laser wiretapping.

Employees of the joint Detective Bureau regularly improve their skills in checking the premises for «bugs». Our specialists are armed with advanced detectors and search systems, with the help of which listening devices of any type are guaranteed to be detected.

Are you interested in your own safety and privacy? United Detective Bureau-a high-quality guarantee of your peace of mind!